Saturday, June 22, 2013

River Song Cosplay Ideas

Doctor Who's River Song is a lot of fun to portray.  In this post I'll break down a few of her outfits, including easier pieces to find as well as the more unique.

She a fantastic character.  She's intelligent, confident, and adventurous.  A bit of a rogue, really.  She's also older than the Doctor's typical companions, which is a real treat.

She is, however, difficult to cosplay for a couple of reasons.  One is her habit of rarely appearing in the same or similar outfits.  The second is that her style and taste are exquisite and unusual.  However, her confident, sassy attitude never falters, and if you get that right, you're halfway there.

One of her most amazing looks is a tough pairing from Time of Angels:  an elegant black gown with luscious red heels.  The heels are Christian Louboutin platform pumps, which are as expensive as they are wonderful.  Good alternatives can be found for those trying to build a costume on a budget, like these Onlymaker platforms in red.

The dress is harder.  Crafty cosplayers generally take a classic v-neck dress pattern and adapt it to suit. Butterick Pattern B5490 is a popular choice, which can give a very nice result with the addition of sleeves and sparkling edging in the right places. If you need a wig, try a Retro Glam look.

By far, one of her easiest outfits to recreate is the fun denim outfit from The Impossible Astronaut:

Most of the elements are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, potentially even lucky thrift store purchases:  Brown boots, a crisp white shirt, denim jacket, jeans.  Get your hands on a leather gun holster, and you're done.  All that's left is to get the hair and the attitude right.

Lacking thrift store luck, Amazon has some quick options for building this look, like these:

Grab a Levi's Jacket and your favorite pair of jeans and you're set.

Another costume to consider is her camouflage uniform from Flesh and Stone.  If you have access to British desert gear, this can be one of her easier appearances to portray:

We don't see as much of her independent style in this outfit, but she still made it her own in the confident way she wore it, and the inclusion of her trademark red lipstick.

For another exquisitely unique option that requires sewing, check out this steampunk River Song outfit.  The author of the blog made the dress herself.  Scroll down a bit, and she shows the pattern she adapted to create her dress.  She also shows in some detail how she crafted her own TARDIS journal.

Alternatively, a blank replica of River Song's journal can be purchased:

Also, don't miss this great guide by the BBC Anglophenia blog: Dressing Like River Song.

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