Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY The Eleventh Doctor's Costume

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is styled like a quirky professor, calling to mind our beloved Cosmic Hobo, Two.  He is a bit distracted, a little uncertain, and an eccentric mix of well-put-together and ruffled, with his crisp shirts and his rolled up, slightly-too-short pants.

To recreate Eleven's look for yourself is not terribly difficult.  You will need:

  • Brown tweed jacket with brown leather elbow patches
  • Bow tie
  • Skinny suspenders
  • Black pants
  • Black ankle-high boots

To delve into the finer points of the costume, the suspenders and bow tie vary in color, but usually match, either both burgundy or both blue.

Individual episodes have seen occasional differences, as in his Black and White attire at Amy's Wedding, complete with top hat, or the recurring theme of "cool" headgear, such as his burgundy Fez or the Stetson he wore in The Impossible Astronaut and A Town Called Mercy.

To style your hair like his, ideally, it would be a bit shaggy, a side-parted schoolboy 'do which has grown out.

The retail version of his costume hits the high points (though note it comes without pants, sonic screwdriver, or shoes):

However, a bit of luck in a thrift store would offer the chance to put together a much better representation. Lacking that, offers a few key pieces of good quality fit for cosplay or discerning fans.  Check their Tweed Jacket selection, which includes a genuine Harris Tweed Light-weight Wool Jacket, should you want the best.

Alternately, check out the officially licensed replica jacket, available from Entertainment Earth: Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor's Jacket.

A woman dressing as the Eleventh Doctor can have a lot of fun with it.  My favorite female cosplayers of The Doctor have kept the instantly recognizable brown tweed, suspenders and bow tie combination, but changed the pants in for skirts.  It's a cool effect.

For example, these would be my picks to match my personal taste to portray the Eleventh Doctor:

The boot feels a little steampunk to me, which I like.  I'd get more use out of them than just for this costume.  The blazer strongly references the Doctor's true costume, but is fitted to a woman's form.  I like this particular skirt because it is close fitting, similar to the Doctor's pants, but also has a flowing cut at the bottom, and ends highly enough to display a bit of the boot.  But a shorter skirt could also be quite wonderful.

Series Six Ad, showing a few variations of Eleven's costume:


  1. I'm trying to gather my Eleven costume up before Halloween, and it's proving to be very difficult to find a fez and his coat. Anyway, I love you blog and was wondering if you could check out mine?

    1. you can find a fez at party city

    2. I just purchased a fez and bow tie from Amazon.



      Now, My issue is finding the jacket!! Thrift stores are not much help because the costume I am putting together is for my 11 year old. Not much in the way of tweed jackets for kids at the Goodwill or local thrift stores :-/

    3. Amazon doesn't have much in tweed for kids, either. eBay does, though.

    4. Un fez tu en trouve partout dans les magasin de fête faut juste avoir le courage de demander un truc comme sa a une amie non fan de cette série et de lui dire que c'est pour mon anniversaire , ce qui est bizarre sachan que personne aurais penser prendre un fez a un anniversaire ...

  2. I any advice on where I can find a cowboy hat that matches?

    1. Word on the web is that the hat was the Stetson style "Hutchins". Unfortunately, it's not easy to find, even online. Going to the official website for Stetson hats only turns up the style in a pale color that won't work. But if close is good enough, check Amazon or eBay for brown stetsons and cowboy hats - I turned up a few that were similar, though not perfect matches as the hatband might be wrong, or the styling of the hat slightly off.

  3. Okay, so I got my costume together, and I found my jacket at a thrift store. You can always get it tailored to fit. I had lots of trouble finding a bow tie and suspenders, but then my mum found some at Le Chateau Men's. I think I'm gonna google 'how to make a fez' because we don't have a party city where I live.

  4. I put together a female costume and traded the tweed jacket and pants in for a tweed skirt. I personally find it to be more playful and really makes you stand out from other cosplayers. Now I just hope I'll be recognisable at the con that is held this Sunday and people will react well to it. It wouldn't be the first time someone gets told off for changing things. Do you agree with my change to Eleven's costume?