Friday, September 12, 2014

Doctor Who Costume & Cosplay Resources

In my research of Doctor Who related costumes, I've compiled a list of resources helpful for those cosplaying companions, as well as a other episode characters. They're too useful to keep to myself until I have full articles for each, so here's a quick link list.

Doctor Who Companion How-Tos

River Song Cosplay Ideas
My guide for those wishing to portray River Song. Discussion of and links relating to four of her outfits, plus wigs and accessories.

Dressing Like Rose Tyler
A BBC America guide for Rose cosplayers.

Dressing Like Martha Jones
A BBC America guide for recreating Martha's signature look.

Dressing Like Donna Noble
A BBC America guide for Donna Noble cosplayers.

Dressing Like Amy Pond
This edition of the BBC America cosplayer guide series covers Amy Pond's look.

Dressing Like Rory Williams
The BBC America guide for Rory cosplayers.

How to Dress like Idris
This installment of the BBC America Cosplay guide series covers how to dress and act like Idris, the woman who housed the matrix of the TARDIS in the episode The Doctor's Wife, in Series 6.

Dressing Like Captain Jack Harkness
A BBC America guide for cosplayers who want to dress like Jack Harkness. If you need a replica of Captain Jack's coat, they're offered here: Doctor Who Captain Jack Harkness Coat. If you want to make your own, check out A Case Study: Captain Jack Harkness' RAF Greatcoat on the Torchwood Livejournal Community. Also cool: Captain Jack's Vortex Manipulator.

Romana I
Photos and diagrams, with lots of tips and detail, on cosplaying Romana I in her Armageddon Factor dress.

Detailed breakdown for recreating Ace's bomber jacket.

Other Doctor Who Characters and Villains:

Blink Weeping Angel Costumes This post features options for Weeping Angel costume creation from ready-made costume pieces you can buy to a pair of photo illustrated guides to make amazingly realistic Weeping Angel costumes from scratch.

Time Lord Robes Tutorial
This tutorial on the Doctor Who Cosplay Community includes photos and diagrams to help recreate classic Time Lord robes.

1967 Cyberman Costume
This costume design was inspired by the Cybermen seen in the episode The Moonbase.

Real Doctor Who Props and Costumes:
Doctor Who is absolutely fascinating for the photos and discussion of real, old-school costumes worn by The Doctors and others in the series. They have close up shots of costumes and discussion of how they were made, very helpful for anyone wishing to recreate their own. The tales of how the props came to be used in the show are wonderful.

Fans of Four won't want to miss the Costume Design section of Tom Baker, the official website where June Hudson discusses Tom Baker's costume.

The Doctor Who Experience photo stream on Flickr includes close-up shots of Doctor Who costumes. You can find Time Lords, Captain Jack Harkness, River Song, and other companions and characters.

Sites Dedicated To Doctor Who Costume Making
By Cosplayers and Devoted Fans

Making My 11th Doctor Costume
Detailed discussion of perfect 11 cosplay, and suggestions for where to pick up harder-to-find accessories.

Making My Tennant Coat
Much discussion of the finer points of making a quality Tenth Doctor's coat, reviews of some of the eBay sellers also making Tennant-style coats, and other Doctor Who costume notes. Links on the side of the blog lead you to his other blogs on making a Tennant-style suit, and other Doctor Who costumes.

Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming LiveJournal Community
Another LiveJournal Community rich with pictures, discussion, and ideas.


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