Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weeping Angel Costumes

Weeping Angel Cosplay
Photo by Tomasz Stasiuk
In this post, I'll share a few pieces to help you put together a spooky Weeping Angel costume of your own, as well as a great from-scratch costume by one of the earliest Weeping Angel cosplayers.

Weeping Angels are one of the creepiest foes the Doctor has faced. The idea of a sad statue hiding a scary-faced monster... yikes.  Don't blink!

To portray them effectively has meant doing the costume completely from scratch - until now. With the release of a Doctor Who Weeping Angel mask, recreating the costume has become much easier.

The mask is the vital piece.  Get that right, and the rest of the costume doesn't have to be perfect; people will know exactly what you are.

And, appropriately, this Weeping Angel mask is terrifically scary.  Click through to see the mask in all its amazing detail.

For the dress, wig, and ideas for covering your skin, check out these two excellent threads on RPF:

Penwiper's Blink Weeping Angel Costume
Kilaya's version

Those two costumes were built for Dragon*Con and are exquisitely detailed to be as close to what we see on screen as possible.  If you're putting together a Halloween costume and don't want to build from scratch - or don't have the time - a Venetian Statue costume will get you close enough to suit most of us:

The Venetian Statue costumes both come with robes, gloves, shoe covers, and molded hair.  That takes care of most concerns beyond the mask in building this costume.

But what they don't come with is wings.  Amazon has a few options you can consider.  Though none are perfect, they provide a place to start; notably these:

For more perfect wings, you'd have to build from scratch.  Check out those two RPF threads I linked above for great ideas for that.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Your costume is AWESOME! I hope mine works out too!
    - From a doctor who fan


    Oh, wait...
    It's not a statue.


  3. I like this one and the fact that in 11th Doctor Era, you saw angels that were in various states of damage, you could in theory use other aspects, maybe the Angel is regenerating or whatever.

    I plan on making an angel costume for my wife if I get a chance, and will be using info form here to help me.