Friday, September 12, 2014

Doctor Who Costume & Cosplay Resources

In my research of Doctor Who related costumes, I've compiled a list of resources helpful for those cosplaying companions, as well as a other episode characters. They're too useful to keep to myself until I have full articles for each, so here's a quick link list.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twelfth Doctor Costume

With Peter Capaldi's turn as our favorite Time Lord, we find a starker, sleeker Doctor than we've often seen.  It's a return to the more somber style of earlier Doctors.  He's suited up, his attire crisp, ready for action.

For those recreating the costume for themselves, there are already a few sources of the 12th Doctor's iconic coat - for which, no doubt, we have the exploding Doctor Who fandom to thank.

Here's what you need to build your own Twelfth Doctor Costume:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick and Easy Dr. Horrible Costume

The wonderful tragicomedy Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has developed quite the following since its appearance online in 2008.  Cosplayers and Joss Whedon fans have fun costume inspiration in the over-the-top hero, Captain Hammer, the aspiring supervillain, Dr. Horrible, and their shared love-interest, Penny.

Of the three,  Dr. Horrible is my favorite costume.  While his goggles hint steampunk, at the same time they call to mind bug-like creatures, adding a touch of horror.  His mad-scientist lab coat is almost impeccable - respectable - but when paired with his over-sized welding gloves and sturdy rubber boots, you just know this guy is up to no good.

Putting together a recognizable Doctor Horrible costume requires only a few key elements.  Thanks to the film's independent budget, this costume can be recreated with ready-made components without breaking the bank.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weeping Angel Costumes

Weeping Angel Cosplay
Photo by Tomasz Stasiuk
In this post, I'll share a few pieces to help you put together a spooky Weeping Angel costume of your own, as well as a great from-scratch costume by one of the earliest Weeping Angel cosplayers.

Weeping Angels are one of the creepiest foes the Doctor has faced. The idea of a sad statue hiding a scary-faced monster... yikes.  Don't blink!

To portray them effectively has meant doing the costume completely from scratch - until now. With the release of a Doctor Who Weeping Angel mask, recreating the costume has become much easier.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY Tenth Doctor Costume

David Tennant, as the Tenth Doctor, is an exuberant incarnation.  He favors suits, but his signature style is rumpled, active.  This is particularly evident in the way the top button of his dress shirt is typically left undone, his tie loosened.

My eldest boy is a BIG Ten fan, so I've put together a costume for him.  Fortunately for us, the basics of his costume are not so unusual.  If you don't already own them, a trip or two to your favorite thrift shop will see you well on your way to completing the costume.

To recreate Ten's costume for yourself, you will need:

Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY The Eleventh Doctor's Costume

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is styled like a quirky professor, calling to mind our beloved Cosmic Hobo, Two.  He is a bit distracted, a little uncertain, and an eccentric mix of well-put-together and ruffled, with his crisp shirts and his rolled up, slightly-too-short pants.

To recreate Eleven's look for yourself is not terribly difficult.  You will need:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

River Song Cosplay Ideas

Doctor Who's River Song is a lot of fun to portray.  In this post I'll break down a few of her outfits, including easier pieces to find as well as the more unique.

She a fantastic character.  She's intelligent, confident, and adventurous.  A bit of a rogue, really.  She's also older than the Doctor's typical companions, which is a real treat.

She is, however, difficult to cosplay for a couple of reasons.  One is her habit of rarely appearing in the same or similar outfits.  The second is that her style and taste are exquisite and unusual.  However, her confident, sassy attitude never falters, and if you get that right, you're halfway there.