Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY Tenth Doctor Costume

David Tennant, as the Tenth Doctor, is an exuberant incarnation.  He favors suits, but his signature style is rumpled, active.  This is particularly evident in the way the top button of his dress shirt is typically left undone, his tie loosened.

My eldest boy is a BIG Ten fan, so I've put together a costume for him.  Fortunately for us, the basics of his costume are not so unusual.  If you don't already own them, a trip or two to your favorite thrift shop will see you well on your way to completing the costume.

To recreate Ten's costume for yourself, you will need:

  • A blue suit (ideally with rust-colored pinstripes).
  • Red high top Converse.
  • White or brown dress shirt.
  • Rust red tie with blue pattern.
  •  Brown suit (ideally with blue pinstripes).
  • Off-white high top Converse.
  • White or medium blue dress shirt.
  • Brown tie with blue pattern.
Essential Accessory:
What is unique to his costume, and thus not often inexpensive, is his brown trenchcoat.  For my son's costume, I was able to adapt a man's brown shirt. But, for adults, we'd need a stroke of luck in finding a similar trenchcoat in the right color, or to pick up the very nice, designer quality licensed replica, available at ThinkGeek ( Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Coat) or Entertainment Earth ( Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Coat Replica).

If you're interested in making your own version of the Tennant coat, you may find this blog helpful:  Making My Tennant Coat.  His posts take us through his process as he set about creating his.

Alternatively, there are dedicated eBay sellers offering their versions of the coat, should you want to give those a try:

Amazon is a good option should your local thrift shop searches fail.  For example:

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