Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick and Easy Dr. Horrible Costume

The wonderful tragicomedy Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has developed quite the following since its appearance online in 2008.  Cosplayers and Joss Whedon fans have fun costume inspiration in the over-the-top hero, Captain Hammer, the aspiring supervillain, Dr. Horrible, and their shared love-interest, Penny.

Of the three,  Dr. Horrible is my favorite costume.  While his goggles hint steampunk, at the same time they call to mind bug-like creatures, adding a touch of horror.  His mad-scientist lab coat is almost impeccable - respectable - but when paired with his over-sized welding gloves and sturdy rubber boots, you just know this guy is up to no good.

Putting together a recognizable Doctor Horrible costume requires only a few key elements.  Thanks to the film's independent budget, this costume can be recreated with ready-made components without breaking the bank.

Here's what you'll need, all of it available on Amazon:

Lab Coat: Dr. Horrible's white lab coat features a mandarin collar. The Dr James Howie style coat, with a mandarin collar is a close match, and comes in a wide range of sizes.  I love that it's the real deal - an actual lab coat - at a cost comparable to adult Halloween costumes.

Beneath the distinctive lab coat, what you wear is less important than the three items that follow.  If you're curious, Dr Horrible can be seen in simple khaki pants.

Boots: For your footwear, pick up a pair of stark white rubber boots, like these from Joy Fishing Company.

Gloves: Dr. Horrible wears a pair of white welding gloves.  This pair of Tillman 650s have a very similar look.

Goggles: We have several choices of inexpensive welding goggles like Dr. Horrible's available on Amazon.  Try these: Welding Safety Glasses.

I've picked my favorite close matches to feature just below this paragraph - if you don't see pictures of a lab coat, gloves, etc, your ad blocker is blocking Amazon.  Try the text links above, instead.


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