Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twelfth Doctor Costume

With Peter Capaldi's turn as our favorite Time Lord, we find a starker, sleeker Doctor than we've often seen.  It's a return to the more somber style of earlier Doctors.  He's suited up, his attire crisp, ready for action.

For those recreating the costume for themselves, there are already a few sources of the 12th Doctor's iconic coat - for which, no doubt, we have the exploding Doctor Who fandom to thank.

Here's what you need to build your own Twelfth Doctor Costume:

Peter Capaldi wears:

  • Blue Crombie coat with red lining
  • Dark blue cardigan, vest, or waistcoat
  • Dark blue pants
  • White shirt
  • Sturdy, black boots

For strict screen accuracy, the best you can get is the Navy Retro Crombie Coat, though, that will set you back a pretty penny. The cardigan he sometimes wears appears to be a John Smedley Wool Cardigan.

If you're more concerned with general appearance rather than screen accuracy, you can find Cosplay vendors offering a coat and vest on Amazon at a significant savings over the Crombie coat. Among these you can find a variety of sizes, as well as custom tailoring if needed.

Many of the Men's Cardigans in Navy, available on Amazon, offer the v-neck and general button appearance you'd need to duplicate the Doctor's attire, again at a lower price than importing the onscreen version.

Capaldi's pants have a pleated waistline, but slim-fitting ankle.  I haven't seen an exact match, but, again, if you're not a stickler for screen accuracy, you have options, such as these Dickies or Dockers in Dark Navy.

The white dress shirt is trickier than you might think - that collar is a wide, older style than we can easily find these days.  This "Tommy Nutter" in white over at Crombie has a nice, wide collar.  Otherwise, your best bet is probably shopping vintage, though, a standard white dress shirt will do for most of us.

His boots have been identified in many places as Doc Martens, but, if so, they're the discontinued Affleck Brogue, in black.  Loake's Smooth Leather Brogues are identical, but expensive.  For a less expensive alternative, try these: GBX Men's Dandy Wingtip Boots.

Last, but certainly not least, here's his sonic screwdriver, to complete your look: Doctor Who 12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver - Peter Capaldi - With Lights and Sounds

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